Sale of spare parts for commercial vehicles: heavy and light commercial vehicles

Commercial vehicles (trucks, coaches, vans, van, van, pickup truck, Unimog) are vehicles used by companies or self-employed people to generate income. Intended for the transport of goods or passengers, these vehicles are subject to various types of wear and tear.

We supply spare parts to garages or companies that maintain and repair their vehicles in-house. We are supplied by the most reputable automotive suppliers. Our stock of spare parts for commercial vehicles is very large. If you are looking for brake fluid or pads, a clutch disc or any other part for your truck, van, coach, van or light commercial vehicle, you will find all the spare parts you need at Garage Lambert near Namur.

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The importance of spare parts for commercial vehicles

A truck or van immobilised for breakdown or maintenance can represent a financial loss for a company. The use of commercial vehicles differs from that of private cars. To be efficient and, above all, profitable, commercial vehicles, especially buses or trucks dedicated to road transport, travel many kilometres. If your van is at a standstill because you cannot find the right automotive equipment or the supply time is too long, your vehicle is not profitable.

Having a trusted partner like the Lambert garage that can provide you with parts or consumables for commercial vehicles very quickly is a winning choice.

The most popular spare parts for commercial vehicles are suspension and steering parts, clutch kits, brake parts (brake pad, brake fluid, brake disc…), drive parts, cooling parts, suspension and steering parts or tyres.

New or used parts?

New parts are essential for all consumables: brake pads, wiper blades, spark plugs.

Where can I buy spare parts for commercial vehicles?


In the case of professional vehicles, reliability and operating time are the main criteria to be taken into account. Utilities must be perfectly maintained in accordance with manufacturer standards. Worn or broken parts must be replaced with original parts that are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and approval.

Our parts meet the highest quality standards.

New or used parts?

Les pièces neuves sont indispensables pour tout ce qui concerne les consommables : les plaquettes de frein, balais d’essuie glace, bougies d’allumage.

 Where can I buy spare parts for commercial vehicles?

En matière de véhicule professionnel, la fiabilité et le temps d’utilisation sont les principaux critères à prendre en compte. Les utilitaires doivent être parfaitement entretenus selon les normes constructeur. Les pièces usées ou cassées doivent être remplacées par des pièces d’origine qui bénéficient de la garantie et de l’homologation.

Nos pièces répondent aux standards de qualité les plus exigeants.

Sale of spare parts at the counter

We are a garage specialised in commercial vehicles. We have a choice of spare parts that we would not be able to have if we were to make the private car.  Specialisation allows us to offer you a depth of spare parts stock that allows you to come to our counter and be served almost immediately.

Our garage is ideally located at the crossroads of major roads and in a central position near Namur

Delivery of your spare parts to your premises

If you prefer to be delivered with your spare parts, you can order them from us by phone or email. We draw up an estimate. You can then place an order and receive the ordered parts by express delivery.

Type of spare parts we sell

Les pièces de rechange pour les véhicules utilitaires sont diverses, nous vous proposons de vous donner un aperçu des catégories de pièces qui sont disponibles dans notre garage. Nous vendons tout type de pièces détachées et d’accessoires automobiles pour utilitaires.


Sale of wearing parts

 Tires, wiper blades, brake pads, headlamps, taillights, brake lights, turn signals, fuses, V-belts, oil filters… are parts that wear out when the vehicle is used. As a result, they require periodic replacement to ensure the reliability of the vehicle.


The consumables

Engine oil, windscreen washer fluid, brake fluid are consumables that are used when using the vehicle. It is therefore necessary to regularly check the condition of the gauges and recharge them.


Mechanical parts

Engine parts can break or deteriorate over time. In this case, the failure occurs, and the replacement is necessary: it can be the crankshaft, alternator, clutch disc, brake shoe, steering rack, suspensions, exhaust, connecting rods, starter, transmission shaft, bellows, injection pump, cylinder head, condenser or even an axle. These new utility spare parts can be difficult to find, depending on the configuration of your vehicle.


Bodywork parts

 If you have been involved in an accident, it is possible that the body parts may need to be replaced. For damaged vehicles, we sell the body parts you need: hood, door, fender, bumper, mudguard, hubcap, windshield…

Sales of Mercedes standard accessories

 We are also a reseller of original Mercedes Benz accessories.


Your supplier of spare parts for commercial vehicles

Our supply circuits, our storage space, the central location of our garage in Namur make Lambert Garage an essential partner for the supply of spare parts for your commercial vehicles, from trucks to light commercial vehicles such as the Citan, including coaches and vans.