The Sprinter, the reference for utility vehicles

Since its launch in 1995, the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has given its name to a whole class of vehicles thanks to its exceptional qualities. The third generation of the best-seller celebrated its premiere on February 6, 2018.

The Sprinter has been designed to enable each of our customers to meet very specific professional requirements on a daily basis. Therefore, multiple variants of the Sprinter are available for sale:

  • 4 body lengths and 3 loading heights,
  • Maximum loading length 470cm, maximum loading height 214cm,
  • Available as an option in partial glazed or combi van version with a capacity of 8 + 1 people max.
  • Tonnage categories: from 3.0 to 5.0 tonnes,
  • Towed load up to 3.5t as an option and on selected variants,
  • Maximum payload of 2,710kg,
  • Maximum load volume of 17m³.

Sprinter van

The Sprinter van is the best in its class in terms of payload. It is powerful enough to carry very heavy loads. Its payload capacity is up to 2695kg. The Sprinter reaches a loading volume of up to 17m3. The dimensions for loading the vehicle reach up to 4.80m in loading length and 2.14m in useful height. These dimensions make it the best in its class.

The large number of versions and the vehicle’s almost vertical walls make it possible to install many types of interior fittings. The Sprinter, thanks to these characteristics, increases the design possibilities for many trades.


Sprinter combi version

 The combi sprinter guarantees its passengers an unbeatable space. The dimensions of the Combi sprinter are generous: the inner roof clearance reaches 1.92metres, the sliding door is 1.30metres wide and the threshold height is 50cm. Thanks to these measures, occupants can board the Sprinter Combi with all the desired comfort.

The sprinter combi is designed to carry up to 9 people. Each seat is equipped with 3-point seat belts and height-adjustable head restraints. They can be tilted to ensure maximum comfort for passengers. 4 seats are equipped with the ISOFIX system to attach child seats. If you need to increase the cargo space, you can easily remove the seats with the very practical anchoring system.


Sprinter tray

The Sprinter is available in single or double cabins, 3 weight variants and 3 wheelbase variants. The frames are extremely torsion-resistant, extremely stable and durable due to their profile construction. They provide a solid basis for anchor points and superstructure connections.

The Sprinter can be configured in many ways. It can become a vehicle with a transport box and tailgate (like a small truck), accommodate a refrigerator to make it a refrigerated vehicle, be transformed into a (tri-)tipper vehicle … Thanks to its reinforced chassis, powerful and economical engines and impeccable road holding, the Sprinter is the ideal partner for your professional activities.

Features of the Mercedes Sprinter

The Sprinter is a flexible, robust and economical solution. Its networking possibilities and variability are incomparable. This makes the Sprinter the first complete solution for a commercial fleet.


The choice of sprinter dimensions

 The new Sprinter is available with:

  • Three wheelbases,
  • Two cabin variants,
  • Four tray lengths and
  • Two tray widths.

This multitude of possibilities makes the Sprinter the essential choice when a company or a self-employed person is confronted with the search for a transport solution.

Its loading area is 5.8m² in the smaller version and reaches 9.1m² in the larger model. This allows it to accommodate a load of 5 euro-pallets. Note that regardless of the version, loading and unloading operations are made easier by the low loading height and a platform with three folding sides.


Sprinter, the optimal driving comfort for a utility vehicle

Thanks to its vast interior space, the driver and passengers are comfortable in their movements. The seats are equipped with multiple adjustments to ensure the comfort of the occupants. The dashboard is highly functional and has been made of high quality and wear-resistant materials. The steering wheel offers a unique grip. It is adjustable in height and inclination to ensure the best driving position, which improves comfort, especially over long distances. Thanks to the multifunctional steering wheel, you can consult the on-board computer, control the car radio and your mobile phone.

The finishes are of a higher level compared to other vehicles in this category.

The Sprinter driver, when driving, really feels seated in front of a desk or workspace optimised for comfort and convenience.


Sprinter is available in 4×4

 If you must drive on difficult off-road or snowy terrain, it is advisable to choose the sprinter in all-wheel drive version. It can be activated electronically and will provide you with security and adherence. Mercedes-Benz’s unique system brakes each wheel individually according to the road surface conditions. This improves both traction and grip.


A multitude of safety equipment

 The on-board safety equipment makes the Sprinter a particularly safe utility vehicle. The sprinter is equipped with a Driver Assistance Package that is unmatched in its market segment of light commercial vehicles.

  • The Collision Prevention Assist alerts the driver in case of an obstacle. Alerts are both audible and visual. A radar warns you of the risk of collision and brake assist is activated to avoid the impact. The radar sensor continuously measures the deviation from the vehicle we are tracking and its speed from ours. Fixed obstacles can be detected up to a speed of 70 km/h.
  • Lane Departure Warning: If you deviate from your path, you will receive an audible and visual warning.
  • Headlight assistant. The lane departure warning automatically controls the high beam assistant for maximum visibility.
  • The ESP Adaptive Trajectory Corrector aims to ensure maximum stability by taking into account the vehicle’s load and the oscillations of a trailer if it is present.
  • The presence of driver and passenger airbags in the front cabin.

The Mercedes-Benz engine as an asset

 Sprinter can accommodate different engines:

  • The base engine is a 2.2l diesel turbocharged 4-cylinder engine available in 3 power ratings. The most powerful delivers up to 163 hp.
  • You can also choose a 3l V6 diesel engine with 190 hp.
  • A gasoline engine is also available. It is a 156 hp 4-cylinder engine.

With the optional 7G-Tronic Plus 7-speed automatic transmission, the Sprinter’s driving experience is a model of comfort and efficiency.

You want to buy a utility with multiple possibilities: The Sprinter 

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