The Mercedes X-Class in Rhisnes – Namur

Mercedes entered the pickup market in 2017 with the X-Class. The German brand adds a touch of class and elegance, allowing this vehicle style to become a luxury vehicle. Mercedes has taken advantage of the partnership with the Renault-Nissan alliance to create the most successful pick-up truck. With the top-of-the-range finish we know, Mercedes intends to show the world its pickup truck design.

The advantages of the Mercedes X-Class

With the X-Class, Mercedes is hitting the pick-up market very hard, with an engine that lives up to its ambitions. The X-Class offers an extreme finish and quality, unique to the German brand.

There is no doubt that this is a first choice for all enthusiasts of this type of vehicle!


Mercedes X-Class: A complete range

Currently, 3 X-Class models are available on the market:

  • The PURE model is the basic one. It is functional, powerful and robust. It is a reliable companion for roads and paths.
  • The PROGRESSIVE model is the mid-range one. It is versatile, suitable for both difficult professional missions and spontaneous walks.
  • The POWER model is the top of the range. It is the most impressive, the most comfortable, and of course, of extraordinary quality.



Safety first and foremost

As always, Mercedes has not done things by halves. This X-Class pickup truck has many features and strengths that match the ambitions of its manufacturer. It starts with safety on board.

With its robust architecture, this pickup truck has a very good base to guarantee safety. A plethora of safety equipment is added to its natural assets, such as various dynamic behaviour regulation and braking systems, making it possible to anticipate and control critical situations; a road signaling assistant, a lane crossing assistant, active assisted emergency braking …

All this is accompanied by very comprehensive occupant protection: in the event of an accident, the X-Class has 7 standard airbags and the Mercedes emergency system. This system automatically contacts the nearest emergency centre (or at the manual press of a button) in the event of an accident.


A versatile, pleasant and over-equipped off-roader

Thanks to the all-wheel drive of the X-Class, but also to the different 4×4 modes, difficult terrain is perfectly controlled. Mercedes power and technology allow the X-Class to go almost anywhere. The automatic transmission and descent control also provide the ability to progress safely and stress-free, even on slopes up to 100%.


An engine revised upwards

As for the engine, as explained above, when it was launched, the X-Class had a 4-cylinder Renault diesel engine, with 160 or 190 horsepower. This configuration was a little light for a vehicle of this prestige, and below what the competition offered.

That’s why Mercedes has installed a home-made V6, also diesel, for this pickup truck. It is the same 258-horsepower engine that already equips the E-Class; it is driven by the 7G-Tronic gearbox, with paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

A small detail about the engine cylinders: they have a special coating, reducing friction. A technology initially developed for Formula 1.


Comfort and technologies

The X-Class is very pleasant to drive thanks to its powerful engine, but also thanks to its greatly reduced roll (despite its significant weight of 2.3 tonnes). This is made possible by the revised and corrected chassis, including a reinforcement bar under the engine cradle. The X-Class can therefore be driven smoothly and pleasantly on the road without any problems. However, it unleashes its true potential on the ground and on even the roughest of trails.

Like all Mercedes, the interior offers every possible comfort. The KEYLESS-GO electronic key system, as well as the hill start aid, ensures that you can start in a relaxed way in any situation.

Automatic air conditioning allows you to choose the temperature you want in the passenger compartment. The driver and passenger seats are individually adjustable for greater comfort on long journeys. All comfort functions can be easily managed from the control system thanks to its intuitive display.

The Mercedes X-Class does not leave you indifferent. For adventurers, professionals or fans of this type of vehicle, it quickly established itself as a must.