The Vito van, Vito Mixto and Vito Tourer in Rhisnes – Namur

The Mercedes-Benz Vito is a versatile and complete professional light commercial vehicle. It is a reference among carriers of 2.5 to 3.2 tonnes of Maximum Authorised Mass, or MMA. It offers a complete package that provides superior performance.

It has one of the highest payloads in its segment, along with a low purchase price and low maintenance costs. It has the certified fuel consumption of 5.7 litres of diesel per 100 kilometres for the Vito 116 CDI BlueEfficiency.

It is the first van in the mid-size pickup segment to offer three types of drive: front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or 4WD.  The Vitos are equipped with Mercedes-Benz’s many innovative safety and assistance systems.


Vito van

The payload capacity of up to 1345 kg in the Vito makes the Mercedes-Benz utility vehicle the best in its class. Its maximum volume is 6.9m3.  The Vito has the ability to adapt to all situations. The Vito has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements of professional users. The Vito will convince you every day of its endurance and resistance.

The Vito is available in 3 chassis lengths and 2 different wheelbases.


Vito Mixto

As its name suggests, the Mixto is a mixed version of the Vito, combining passenger transport and ample space for loading and transporting goods. Equipped with a double bench seat at the front and 3 seats at the rear, the Vito MIXTO can carry up to 6 people while keeping a large loading space at the rear.

The floor area retained for loading is 2.63m2and the maximum loading volume still reaches 4.1m3.


Vito Tourer

Le Vito TOURER peut transporter dans des conditions de conforts enviables jusqu’à 9 personnes. La sécurité que s’impose Mercedes-Benz a permis d’équiper chacun des sièges du Tourer de ceintures de sécurité à 3 points et d’appuie-tête réglables en hauteur. La siègerie est modulable, ce qui rend le véhicule très pratique quel que soient les besoins. 4 sièges ont prévu d’accueillir des sièges enfants et sont donc munis de fixations ISOFIX.

Le Tourer existe en 3 finitions : BASE, PRO, SELECT.

The advantages of the Mercedes Vito

More than ever, the new Vito has a unique look. The design combines aesthetics and an optimised air penetration coefficient, which reduces fuel consumption and improves performance.

Quality is in the detail at Mercedes-Benz and the Vito’s bodywork is of superior quality, especially in terms of its tight and regular body joints.


Choice of traction: traction, propulsion, 4×4

It is unique on the utility market; the Vito is offered in 3 different engines so that you have a utility vehicle adapted to your needs. If you have to drive in difficult conditions, whether in bad weather or off-road, you will likely choose a 4×4 version of the Vito. Alternatively, you can choose between two different two-wheel drive versions, rear or front-wheel drive.


The comfort of the occupants

The seats of the driver and passenger(s) are of unequalled comfort. Each of the occupants has plenty of space to feel comfortable in the vehicle’s interior. The functionality and ergonomics of the driver’s cab have been given priority. The finishes are of a higher level compared to other vehicles in this category.

The Vito driver, when driving, really feels seated in front of a desk or workspace optimised for comfort and convenience.


On-board security in the Vito

The Vito is the reference in its market in terms of safety. The standard equipment is very extensive and includes the driver and passenger airbag on all its versions. It can protect you in the event of an impact thanks to its eight airbags, an absolute reference in the light commercial vehicle segment.

The main security equipment of the Vito includes:

  • ADAPTIVE ESP¨ trajectory corrector taking into account the vehicle’s load level
  • ATTENTION ASSIST’ vigilance assistant that analyses the driver’s concentration levels 
  • Preventative obstacle or collision warning system
  • Lane Departure and Blind Spot Warning Systems 
  • Adaptive lighting: The Intelligent Light System option allows you to replace standard halogens with LEDs that adapt to driving conditions and speed.
  • Stabilisation system in case of side wind
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system

The Vito, up to 6.6m3of loading

If you have the requirements for a larger vehicle, you can opt for the Vito van, the longest version with a larger wheelbase. The figures reach significant proportions: 6.6m3of loading, 1,344kg of payload and a P.T.A.C. of 3.2 tonnes.

The latest version of the Vito is 14cm longer. This is true for each of its lengths and wheelbases. The current measurements are therefore as follows: lengths of 4895mm, 5140mm or 5370mm.

The height remains below 2 metres because it reaches a maximum of 191cm. This feature allows access to covered and underground car parks. The front transmission and the very compact diesel engine allow the Vito to reach an empty weight for the van of only 1761kg. As a result, the 3.05t Vito of PTAAC already has a remarkable payload of 1,289kg. The payload champion in the category is the rear-wheel drive Vito with a P.T.A.C. of 3.2t and a payload of 1,369kg.


The Vito’s economical and powerful engines

Mercedes-Benz has always been known for its reliable and powerful engines. Now, the brand’s star engines are also very economical and therefore environmentally friendly. The 4-cylinder engines of the Vito have are agile and provide a lot of torque. Their emissions and consumption values are very low. In its traction configuration, the Vito offers a 1600 cc four-cylinder engine that is available in two versions with different power ratings: Vito 109 CDI of 88 hp and Vito 111 CDI of 114 hp.

On the economic side, it is worth mentioning the number of kilometres that can be covered between each service: 40,000km.

The rear-wheel drive Vito is designed to carry heavy loads. It is therefore equipped with a 2150cm3four-cylinder engine. It is available in three versions: Vito 114 CDI with 136 hp, Vito 116 CDI with 163 hp and Vito 119 BlueTEC with 190 hp. This version is equipped with the six-speed manual gearbox as standard. The 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission is optional for the Vito 114 CDI and 116 CDI. The Vito 119 BlueTEC and the Vito 4×4 with all-wheel drive are standard. In the light commercial vehicle segment, it is the first ever seven-speed automatic transmission.

You want to buy Vito as standard or adapted for specific needs

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