The Citan van and Citan combi in Rhisnes – Namur

Would you like to buy a small practical vehicle either in a utility or family version? The Citan is probably the solution you are looking for. It can be sold either in van or in an MPV version.

 There are many configurations available, both in terms of chassis length and wheelbase as well as options. You can choose the automatic gearbox rather than the manual gearbox, whether to fit a sunroof, choose between diesel or petrol engines, the alloy wheels, additional airbags, the cruise control, a cabin adapted to your needs …

The Citan puts all Mercedes technology and robustness at the service of a very practical and economical vehicle for use. Let’s discover the assets of the Citan below.


Van version

 The Citan is the small utility vehicle in the ideal range for the transport of packages or goods of relatively small volume. It has been designed to maximize the interior space to maximise the volume. It is suitable for express couriers, building contractors, various public services such as the post office or meal delivery… It has many uses.

 If you would like to know more about the many possibilities offered by the Citan van, contact us to determine which version will best suit your needs.


Combi or MPV version

 The Citan can carry up to 7 people without any problem. This makes it particularly suitable for families. It is your ideal companion for going on holiday, to practice trendy sports such as kitesurfing or windsurfing.

 In a professional context, this MPV can also be used for the paid transport of people. You have the great advantage of having a Mercedes brand vehicle, which inspires confidence in passengers.

 If you would like to know the many possibilities offered by the combi version of the Citan, contact us to determine which version will best suit your needs.

The characteristics of the Mercedes Citan

Whatever its version, van or MPV that can replace the Mercedes A-Class, the Citan has unique features of comfort, convenience, safety and economy. The Citan can be adapted to multiple vehicles to meet all requirements.

These are summarised below:


The comfort of the occupants

 The Citan has been designed for the comfort of the people it carries, both drivers and passengers. No more back pain after long journeys in an unergonomic sitting position. The Citan, although it remains a utility vehicle or a toy space, combines functionality and comfort.

The Citan’s upscale interior fascinates with its pleasant atmosphere. It makes your life easier and gives you maximum satisfaction.

There are many different types of equipment. Mercedes-Benz’s usual criteria in terms of design, aesthetics and functionality are met. All controls are located in an ergonomic position within reach of the driver and facilitate intuitive operation. The clearly legible instrument cluster with gear shift point indicator ensures economical driving.


The storage space

The Citan’s storage concepts keep your vehicle tidy and pleasant. There is plenty of generous storage space:

  • The open glove compartment
  • The spaces in the front storm doors
  • Optional compartment easily accessible from the centre console
  • Convenient roof storage across the entire width of the windshield.

All the objects necessary for the daily life of the occupants, large or small, will find their place on board a Citan. Now you can store your personal belongings or vehicle documents safely and within easy reach, away from prying eyes.


The Citan, space for all the family

Whether you have a large family, or you are carrying friends, the Citan allows you to carry up to 7 people comfortably. The car has 7 adult-sized seats that will delight young and old alike on excursions, city trips or trips. The Citan is also very practical for taking children to their activities.

If you are a passenger transport professional, the Citan is a safe and reliable solution that will take your passengers safely to their destination.


The Citan, space for entrepreneurs

Citan is a utility that can safely transport large loads and volumes that you would not expect in a vehicle of its size.

Whatever your activity, there is a solution for you to acquire a Citan model adapted to your needs. You can contact one of our sales representatives or visit our showroom to discover the many possibilities offered by our multi-purpose van.


The Citan, a clean and economical commercial or recreational vehicle

For Mercedes-Benz, designing the future of mobility in a responsible and sustainable way is a real responsibility. Therefore, the Citan benefits from BlueEFFICIENCY technology. These are skillfully combined measures aimed at reducing both fuel consumption and emissions.

If consumption decreases, in addition to reducing the environmental impact, you also benefit from significant savings in use when it comes to switching to the service station.

In its petrol version, the Citan is equipped with the BlueEFFICIENCY pack as standard. On diesel models, the package is optional.

In both engines, it includes battery and alternator management, Stop/Start ECO and, depending on the model, low rolling resistance tyres.


Driver and passengers safety

In the field of safety, the Citan is also a reference, just like other Mercedes vehicles.

Citans are equipped with numerous safety devices as standard:

  • The ADAPTIVE ESP® electronic path corrector
  • Daytime running lights automatically switch on when starting
  • During an emergency brake application, the hazard warning lights are automatically activated

The following equipment is optional:

  • Halogen fog lamps
  • The audible reverse aid signal
  • Electrically adjustable heated sideview mirrors,
  • The light and rain sensor.

If you want to buy a car, a small utility vehicle or a MPV, come and visit us.

If you want to buy a car, a small utility vehicle or an MPV, come and visit us.

The Lambert garage specialises in the sale, maintenance and repair of commercial vehicles. We are also your one-stop shop for spare parts. We are the official dealer of Mercedes-Benz, the most famous brand in the world for its robust commercial vehicles. Every Mercedes-Benz vehicle is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty.

We also offer various financing options to help you purchase your vehicle. We offer leasing (lease with option to buy), financial renting (long-term rental) or just a simple car loan.

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The purchase of a vehicle must not be done at random or only on a whim. The Citan is the choice of heart and reason.