Mercedes utility garage in Namur (Rhisnes)

Creation of the Lambert garage in 1952

The company G. Lambert & C° was founded in 1952 by Mr R. Lambert. Its initial activity consists of importing Mercedes-Benz brand Unimog vehicles, as well as the dealership for cars, trucks and vans of the same brand. In 1962, G. Lambert’s activities underwent a major expansion, thanks in particular to the contracts concluded with the Belgian army in 1962 for the acquisition of 2,200 Unimog 404 S.

The Pirmez family took over the garage in 1981

When the company was taken over by the Pirmez family in 1981, the activities focused on the marketing and technical follow-up of Mercedes Benz vehicles (Unimog, cars, vans and trucks).

Development of activities

1991 saw the construction of a 4,000m2 building on a 2.5ha site, entirely designed for technical activities related to light and heavy commercial vehicles. It was built on a carefully selected site: in the centre of Belgium, at the crossroads of the two main motorways in southern Belgium: E411 Brussels-Luxembourg and E42 Cologne-Paris.

The company’s activities have further intensified and remain oriented towards the sale and technical follow-up of light and heavy commercial vehicles, Unimogs, while abandoning car sales.

1994 was a crucial year because G. Lambert, in partnership with Daimler AG, signed a contract with the Belgian army for the supply and technical support of some 1800 Unimog vehicles. This sales contract is accompanied by two additional contracts: a spare parts supply contract for a minimum period of 20 years and a repair contract. These last two contracts are for an indefinite period and have an unlimited budget.

The Lambert garage, a recognised expertise

New perspectives then opened up for G. Lambert, which gradually became an important logistics centre at both regional and national levels. A recognised professionalism and indisputable skills opened the doors of many public and private clients. This situation naturally led it to scrupulously ensure the mobility of the latter, in all circumstances, and by meeting their specific needs. To do this, it relies in particular on new technologies in the automotive sector and in particular on vehicle connectivity.

It is resolutely committed to the shift towards so-called “clean” fuels (electricity, etc.).


The current challenges and its undeniable reputation have led it to focus its development strategy on after-sales services, not only for the historical products of the Mercedes Benz brand, but also and above all for other brands. In this way, it has established itself as a versatile logistics centre capable of providing optimal technical support for all types of commercial vehicles.

Commercial vehicle garage

Commercial vehicle garage in Rhisnes near Namur

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